Monday, April 16, 2007


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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A piece of information to share
with you.

Here's what this is about: When you break
down a truly successful business... you'll
discover there are only a few really
important elements.

Three, in fact.

First, a good product that people want and
can use. Duh.

Second, a business model (and it can be
simple and basic) that allows you to reach
prospects, and allows customers to buy from
you with minimum hassle.


... and most important (if you desire massive
wealth and success)...

... you need to understand the secrets of
killer salesmanship.

Because the Marketing Graveyard is crammed
with great products (offered by great guys
with great operations know-how) that died
gruesome deaths...

... because no one knew how to SELL them.

A quality product and a huge professional
staff of order-takers won't help you if you
can't get your sales message across to

That means learning the secrets of great
salesmanship... and learning to translate that
salesmanship into copy for your Web sites
and ads.