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Internet Traffic

Internet Traffic

Are you looking for some inside information on traffic? Here's an up-to-date report from traffic experts who should know.

If your traffic facts are out-of-date, how will that affect your actions and decisions? Make certain you don't let important traffic information slip by you.

Today we're going to be talking about something that everyone wants and
needs. Traffic...

No matter if you have your own product or service or you only
promote affiliate products, traffic is something you absolutely
must have to make the sales that line your pocket.

Here's the problem though... No one in Internet marketing really
covers the topic in depth.

Sure, several people have create ebooks and a few videos on the
topic, but I've never found anyone who covers it all. Every last
little bit of it.

Why do you need to know everything about getting traffic?

Besides the fact that it's the life blood of your business,
knowing and understanding all the ways to generate traffic will
save you time and money in the long run.

Everyone tries to convince you that getting traffic to your site
takes lots of sneaky tactics and tricks and hocus pocus magic.
That's simply not true.

The real truth is that you need to explore and learn as many
traffic options as you can, pick 3-5 that you can actually do,
and implement them on a consistent basis.

You need a traffic plan and you can't create one until you know
how to successfully implement traffic techniques. Here's the
equation and solution to being successful with a traffic plan.

Learn + Plan + Implement = Profit

See how simple that is?

Well, I will be honest...

Learning everything you need to know about traffic is not simple.
Unless you have someone who knows and more importantly uses all
the different traffic techniques and is willing to teach them to
you first hand, you're going to spend a fortune on this ebook and
that software and this course and so on learning. Then once you
learn those people aren't going to be around to help you create
your traffic plan and implement it.

I know this is a HUGE problem and until you learn to get traffic
to whatever it is you are promoting, you're just throwing your
money away.

Those who only know one or two facts about traffic can be confused by misleading information. The best way to help those who are misled is to gently correct them with the truths you're learning here.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wrong Perception Of E-Business And Tips To Avoid

This article explains a few things about false perception of e-business, and if you're interested, then this is worth reading, because you can never tell what you don't know.

I trust that what you've read so far has been informative. The following section should go a long way toward clearing up any uncertainty that may remain.

a. E-Business Is Easy, Wrong!

This is the real Fact Of Life! - nothing worth doing is easy, not life, not business, not online marketing. Those that are telling you that Internet marketing is a no brainer are selling you a pile of bull stuff, it just isn't true. Net marketing, like any other kind of marketing, online or off, takes work. It's not as easy as turning on a spigot and watching your "tub" fill with customers and profits.

But this isn't to say that there aren't simple techniques and strategies you can employ that will make marketing on the net easier to do and cut out all the "trials and tribulations" many go through. I, on a daily basis, use several powerful yet simple to employ strategies that allow me to attract more traffic, get more customers and make more money. Many of these techniques I've mastered myself, some I've discovered and tweaked and adapted and adopted for my own uses - why reinvent the wheel when it's already available for me (or you) to use?

b. You Can Get Hordes Of Hungry Buyers Just By Duplicating The Same Thing Everyone Else Is Doing!

How many ebooks have you downloaded in the last week, the last month, the last year? How many ezines, articles, tip sheets, discussion board posts have you piled up hoping to find that one "secret" that will blast you to online marketing success? How many of those pieces of information seem like they all give you the same advice? Stuff like "To get traffic write articles, submit to search engines, trade links, use discussion boards, and on and on and on..."

Enough already! Yes, those strategies and techniques work, but you're battling everyone else that's using the same things. It seems like everyone is running around like headless chickens trying to place that one article, to buy that one ezine ad, to get that one reciprocal link, to try to score that one top ten listing on a search engine - it's enough to make you dizzy and insane!

Some of the best strategies to use for attracting targeted, "paying" traffic are probably some of the simplest and easiest to put to work… and they're some of the most obvious techniques too. For instance, I wasn't aware at how simple it could be to get "power" traffic and "hungry" customers until one day I sat back, looked at everything I did and realized that I was working too hard trying to put easy tactics to use (and maybe you are too!) - it taught me a big lesson, and one I hope to share with you.

c. You Can Instant Riches Through The Internet!

Okay, let's dispel one more big pile of bull stuff right here. Yes you could become rich on the Internet quickly, but it's most likely that it won't be as fast as overnight or in a week… not even I, and I've had some major successes, became an overnight success. I tell you this not to discourage you but to prepare you for reality.

You're probably constantly running into sites promising that if you buy this book or that system or this solution or that software program that you'll be hauling gold bricks to your bank almost overnight. I don't blame people for believing the promises, after all we're all in business to be successful and make some money - hopefully lots of it! And yes, there are some that have had some fairly fast windfalls on the net, but if you scratch beneath the surface you'll discover what some call the "back story," the real secrets behind their explosive success - often many of them worked long and hard to reach their "pot-o'-gold" before anyone had ever heard of them.

The reality is this, it's not about becoming "disgustingly" rich from online marketing… few of us will ever have that opportunity. But it is about building a business that gives you the freedom and ability to follow your dreams, enjoy life more, quit chasing the rat race and creating a lifestyle that makes you and your family happy - of being able to get away when you want to, of being able to afford to go on dream vacations, of being able to give your children, or spouse (or significant other), or closest family and friends what they want and need without worrying about how you're going to do it.

And you do it by working on your business: developing, refining, employing, testing, tweaking new strategies, new methods, new ideas, new products, new angles and approaches, new ways of getting peoples attention - going into each new day of online marketing with a philosophy of constant and never ending improvement both for yourself and your projects. I'm happy and content with my business, with what I do, with the products I create, with the people I help - and it's something I'm hoping to help you discover too!

That's how things stand right now. Keep in mind that any subject can change over time, so be sure you keep up with the latest news.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Video and Audio Tools For Intenet Enterprise

Hi All,

Internet marketing is going through a very fast pace. Today my friend Jim has forwarded me this interesting article.I think it is worthwhile to read and share.

Today we want to turn our attention to Video and Audio. These tools can really make a difference in your sales and CTR. I had an Intro recorded for the RSN sales page and found that it really made a big difference and has had a very positive effect on how many people join us now. More on this at the end of the lesson. So lets dive in.

Getting started with video blogging

Video blogging is the next generation of posting ideas and products over the internet. Everybody knows about text blogging. Now they use videos for a better way of expression. This form of communication may entail a lot of resources, but it is all worth it. If pictures say a thousand words, video blogging exceeds that by far.

A videoblog requires larger disk spaces on websites, a faster server, and a whole new set of programs to support it. Videoblogs can be fed through RSS. This is technology of syndicating your website to other RSS aggregators.

Videoblogging works with people on the internet expressing their selves. Now if you put this on a business prospective, you are up to a lot of benefits. Think of it as a powerful tool in making showing your prospective customers your line of products or your services. It’s just like showing a commercial all for free. And if you videoblog through RSS, then most probably you are getting your target market.

People like to see what they are going to buy. Some would like to see proof and be sure that they are getting their money’s worth before shelving their dimes on it. All of us know the influence of a thirty second commercial. The effect of videoblogging is similar to that. You show your product, people watch it. If they like it, they buy it. If you present it good enough, they’ll buy the product even if they don’t need it.

Now on the web, things are pretty much static, unlike in television in which all are moving. If you post something that is mobile, it would most likely catch attention. Now imaging your product parading in all it’s royalty through videoblog. You’ll get phone call orders in no time.

If your business is just starting up, you can create a video blog right at your own home. All you need is your web camera, microphone, video software, and lights. For as long as you know how to use your camera, then you can create a videoblog.

Invest in a good web camera. The higher its resolution is the better the output. And you like to present your goods in the optimum way so get the best one possible. Make a short story, or just capture your goods in one go. Just make sure you are getting the best profile for each. Get those creativity juices flowing.

Lights are important in a production. Make sure you illuminate entirely the area you are going to use to create videoblog. The brighter the area, the crispier the images will be. You can also use lighting effects for added appeal to the presentation.

Should you require sounds for your video blog, you need a microphone. Record you voice as a voice over for promoting the product and its benefit to consumers. Sounds are as important as videos on a videoblog. It is advisable to make your sound effects as enticing as the video.

Your video editing software can be any program. You need this to finalize your work. You can add sounds, delete some bad angles, or insert some still pictures in there too. Some programs are user-friendly and can be used even with zero knowledge on video editing. Even simple video editing programs should do the trick. Select your background carefully too. The light affects the presentation so make sure that the background and the light complements each other.

Videoblogging is a great tool but it also has it downside. It may slow down the computer so other may steer clear of it. Download time may also be time consuming especially if customer is still on a dial- up connection.

But don’t let those stop you. Let video blogging be an alternative for you, though it is best to still keep the text and pictures present in your presentation to accommodate all possible viewers of your site.

Nowadays, the more creative you are in presenting your product to the market, they more you are likely to succeed. Video blogging offers an interactive way of selling. You involve the customers. You instill in them the advantage of your goods. And at times, those are enough to make a sale.

What About Audio

How to Increase Sales Through Streaming Audio

Many studies have proven that radio is a good medium for product advertisements. People listen to the radio for entertainment, usually to listen to the latest music or to their favorite radio program. In between the program, advertisements on products and services are being played.

For many years, this has been the trend in advertising. But now that the radio medium is almost behind the audio-visual medium, the TV, and the Internet, other marketing strategies have to be employed to continue the benefits of advertising through audio.

It is then that the benefits of using music on websites were discovered. Before, music on the Internet was just available in downloadable forms as mp3. Even through hosting downloadable music on their servers, companies were able to get much traffic on their sites. And everyone engaged in Internet marketing knows that website traffic plays a big role in boosting product and service sales.

However, there had been a problem with illegal music download in which artists, musicians and record companies have lost millions of revenues.

Then, came the popularity of Internet music streaming. Unlike the former, radio streaming does not allow download of the music files. Thus, the copyrights of the artists and record label owners are protected.

So, how can this be done? There are several ways to stream audio from your site. First, is to stream a radio program from your site or blog. You can find free affiliate programs that allow you to stream their radio content from your site.

What will this mean to you? This means that your site will have new audio content every time it is visited. What’s even great is that the content is being updated even without much effort from you.

In this case, what you needed to do is to signup with an Internet radio station and have the link embedded on your blog or website.

Another way is to stream mp3s. To do this, you just need to upload your mp3files on a server and add the files’ links to the page. When the link is clicked, the browser opens a media player window and plays a file. However, since the file is in mp3 format, it may also be downloaded. Downloading music files without the authorization of the copyright owner is illegal. Therefore, if you will be using this type of streaming, make sure that you have the appropriate permit to do so.

A third way to add audio to you blog or website is to stream music through organizing playlists. Playlists are m3u files, which if downloaded, will not play music if offline. Using this process, however, can be complex. Here is a short instruction on how to do it.

1. Save your mp3 or wma file on the server. You may skip this step if you know that the file exists on another server and know the link to that file. Make sure that the link has a .mp3 or .wma extension.

2. Open your text editor and type the path to the file. Include the http:// and the file extension. Repeat this step until you have included all the links to the files that you would like to be included in the playlist.

3. Save the playlist with a .m3u extension.

4. Upload the m3u file on the directory where the music files are hosted or to your server.

5. Open your html editor and embed the link to the m3u file. Through this, you can also set if you want to have the playlist to autoplay if someone visits your site of if you want your visitor to control playing the music. You can also set the volume level.

After the code is embedded on the html file, and whenever your site is visited, the songs in the playlist will be buffered, streamed and played one after another. If your playlist has several songs, the user can skip forward or go back a song in the playlist using the media player controls.

Doing this setup works for many website owners. Through this you can customize the type of music being played on your site. You can even play recordings related to your product to boost product awareness.

It requires knowledge of html to be done. But if it will be the best way to increase traffic to your site, why not request assistance from programmers. After all, having audio on a website is a proven way to increase sales.

I hope this has peeked your interest a bit and that you will check into audio and video further. I personally use audio on my main sales page for RSN and found that it really increased the amount of people who join us here and have been asked by others how they can do the same.

Well this brings lesson 9 to a close. I hope your learning a lot and will continue to follow the class and what few tips I can give you. Please leave a comment and let me know these lessons have been useful to you or even if you have a comment that isn’t so good let me know all the info I can get from you helps make this class better.

Here”s to Your Success


That's the end of Jim e-mail.I hope we can pick up a point or 2 and benefit from it.

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A Simple Secret To Making Money Online

The more you understand about any subject, the more interesting it becomes. As you read this article you'll find that the subject of making money online is certainly no exception.

The best time to learn about making money online is before you're in the thick of things. Wise readers will keep reading to earn some valuable making money online experience while it's still free.

There seem to be an enormous mamount of people bumping around the internet who claim to want to make money online. I've been learning about the act of making money online for quite awhile and have come up with the secret. Before I get to the secret, let me preface this article by saying that there are a ton of weasels out there making outrageous claims about the subject of making money online that are so full of crap, their eyes are brown. I've heard everything form masking money online is simple to we'll do all the selling for you. Does either of these claims sound even remotely plausible? No, for God's sake the universe simply doesn't respond to the idea of getting something for nothing. We all inherently know this, yet fall into the weasel's traps again and again.

The secret to making money online has nothing to do with you spending your money on something I'm trying to sell. The secret to making money online is the same secret to making money anywhere, the word online is simply the place where the business is conducted; it doesn't really mean a lot. The weasels just want to make it seem as if the 'internet' is different. It's not.

The secret to making money online is to have your internet venture revolve around your passion. Your passion is that one thing that you love that's been with you for as long as you can remember. It may be writing, singing, hunting, football, history, teaching, motivating, running, sewing, or whatever. There is something that you've always been in love with. The secret to making money online is to have your internet venture revolve around that passion.

If you go into a venture of any kind simply to make money, it's never going to work. This is exactly what the weasels prey on. They prey on the fact that you want or need money. .The problem is that the universe doesn't respond to what you 'think' you need. This brings to mind a quote from the book Think and Grow Rich, "In your search for the secret of the method, do not look for a miracle, because you will not find it. You will find the eternal laws of nature. These laws are available to every person who has the faith and courage to use them."

That's it. The secret to making money online is to follow whatever it is that you feel passionate about. Don't get lured in by the weasels promising easy money or money by doing very little work. This is simply not the case. Making money, whether it be online or in any other capacity, requires learning and effort, it's as simple as that.

Trevor Kugler is co-founder of He has more than 15 years of business experience and 25 years of fishing experience. He currently raises his 3 year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country…..Montana. Article Source:

Knowing enough about making money online to make solid, informed choices cuts down on the fear factor. If you apply what you've just learned about making money online, you should have nothing to worry about. Try this and earn 50%!

Knowing the Tricks and Tips of Free Classified Advertising

Online free classified sites offer a risk free, no cost solution to promote your businesses and sell products and services. Advertising in free classified sites can be time consuming and frustrating if you do not know how to successfully profit from these sites. Knowing the right tricks and tips of online free classified ads will separate you from the hundreds who post thousands of ads without getting any results.

All free classified sites are not created equal. You should focus on a few good sites and post your ads regularly in those sites only. Your starting point is Google search. Go to and search for “free classifieds” and “free ads”. From the search result pages, visit 10 to 15 sites and register in those sites. If a site asks too many questions during the registration process, abandon the site and go to the next site. Why should you have to provide all your personal information for the site’s benefits? Good sites will only ask minimal questions to setup your account so that you can edit, delete and renew your ads. Also, look for sites that will allow you to post without any registration.

Write a precise ad using 80 to 100 words. Write about benefits of your products and services for ad viewers. Try to think benefits in terms of generating extra income, improving health and relationships and providing a sense of good feelings when they use your products and services.

Write a concise, interest grabbing, key words filled ad title with action words that asks the reader to do something now. If you are promoting an affiliate product and many ads are also about the same affiliate product, write your ad title and ad copy differently than others so that your ad stands out in the crowd.

If you are selling personal items, like used cars, cameras etc., provide details description of the item, its selling price, and your contact information. If you are promoting an item to make a profit, do not try to sell your products or services in the classified ad. Use the free ad to lead to another site or your affiliate site where you can provide more information to make a sale.

In classified sites, most recent ads are listed on the top of the ad search or ad listing pages. Some free classified sites have paid premium ads which are displayed on the top of the listing pages, followed by the free ads. Avoid those free sites that accept premium listings. In free classified sites, your ads will be buried deep in the listing pages as more ads are posted in the same category. To keep your ads fresh and on the top of the listing page, renew your ads every couple of days.

Do not spam by posting your ads in all categories. Post only in a few relevant categories, preferably using different ad copies and ad titles. If the site has regional sections, e.g. US states, cities, or countries and your target is to reach every region, post in 10 to 15 regions only. For the search function of the site to pickup your ad for display, you do not have to post in all the available regions. This will save you time.

Always use photos or banners in your ads. Make sure that the size and dimensions of your image files are within the site’s acceptable limits. Otherwise, the site may not display your images in your ad at all. There are a few free sites where you can create your banners or you can use your affiliate banners. If you are using the picture of a product, take the picture using a good digital camera and then convert the image to jpeg format and reduce the dimensions prior to uploading.

Using the simple techniques mentioned above, you should be able to minimize your online free advertising effort and increase responses from your ads. Remember, your ad title and ad copy should stand out with action words and pictures. You should regularly post your ads to keep them fresh and on top the listing page.

Cody Moya writes about Internet Marketing Tips in his
Free Internet Marketing Courses. You can sign up for his free
Tips and get additional information at his

Generating Traffic to Your MySpace Website

MySpace is an exciting online community where members can make new friends, reconnect with old friends, network or even find potential romantic partners. While there are some MySpace members who join the community simply for the ability to stay in touch with their old friends and are not looking to make new friends.

These members may keep their websites private to not allow other users to view their personal information and may not spend a great deal of time visiting public websites of other members. However, most MySpace members are interested in making a great deal of friends online and are always looking to generate more traffic to their website.

Create an Interesting MySpace Website

One of the simplest ways MySpace members can generate increased traffic to their website is to create a website which is both aesthetically appealing and interesting to others. The aesthetic appeal of a website can greatly influence the amount of repeat traffic a MySpace website receives.

For example members who use garish colors and fonts which are too small or otherwise difficult to read may not receive repeat traffic even if the content of their website is very interesting and engaging. This is because other members may lose interest in the website quickly.

The other part of an excellent website design is interesting and intriguing content. A website which is aesthetically appealing may entice visitors to peruse the content but if it is simply not interesting and engaging the visitors are not likely to spend much time on the website and are also not likely to return.

However, MySpace members who fill their website with exciting content are likely to keep visitors interested. When visitors are interested in the content they are likely to return and also to encourage others to visit the website as well.

Visit Members’ Websites

Another way to generate increased traffic to your MySpace website is by visiting the websites of other members. You can use the search feature to find other members who share your interests. By visiting their websites you will get a better idea of whether or not you are interested in being friends with these members.

When you encounter other members you might be interested in meeting you can sent them an email or instant message commenting on their website and asking to be added to their network of friends. You can also suggest they visit your website as well. Those who make an effort to meet other members are likely to increase their own web site traffic.

Invite Friends to Your MySpace Website

Finally, MySpace members can generate additional traffic to their website by inviting others to visit them. They can speak directly to friends and family members and encourage them to view their website. Also, those who participate in other online communities such as message boards may include a link to their MySpace website in their signature so those who want to learn more about them can visit their MySpace profile.

MySpace also has an invite feature which enables members to send messages to others to encourage them to start a MySpace account. Members who have friends or family members who do not belong to the MySpace community can send them one of these invitations to encourage them to participate. The invitation can include a link to the members MySpace website to give the others an idea of what MySpace really is.

Cody Moya writes about Internet Marketing Tips in his
Free Internet Marketing Courses. You can sign up for his free
Tips and get additional information at his