Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Internet Marketing Over The Years, As I See It

When I started surfing a few years back I was very amazed by websites that are packed and laden with one thousand and one things. Thence they have heavy graphics and takes minutes to complete loading the pages. I still have the patience to wait. Now things have changed.Web master install graphics which are faster and more efficient. I also become more impatient with slow loading site.

A few years back people are trying to make money on the web by involving themselves with affiliates, adsence, list building, viral marketing, PLR, SEO etc. By today standard all these are outdated. Yet if you are persistent you can still make some money, but not like before. But at least some. Last 2 years it was possible to cash in a dollar per day on each site ladden with Google Adsence. Therefore many are busy creating short static website by the thousands. A numbers used site generating programs to generate and flooding the cyberspace. The smarter ones have thousand of websites with top paying keywords embedded and hire staff to manage for them. They blog and hire bloggers to blog for them. Articles were purchase from articles farm to post fresh articles every now and than. Google loves fresh content and linkings.

This is not anymore. Google has become smarter and changed the algorithm. Earning has dropped overnight from a dollar to 5 or 10cents per account daily. It is still a number game. Now they need to get 10 times more traffic to achieve the one dollar a day target.

Marketers are exploring new areas like Myspace, YouTube and social bookings with Digg,, Technorati to get more traffics and novelty ways of exposure. E-marketing has taken a new turn. Most new sales sites have video clips embedded. It is easy to make video clips using hand phones. Everybody with a reasonable quality phones can make video by themselves. Prepare the sales scrip and drag your partner or the other half to become a few minutes actor and actresses. Do some simple editing and upload.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Oh Ya! One Important Thing Missing

In my last post I was touching superficially about traffic building and conversion rate. Now I recalled I misssed on one more crucial factor, that is website design. Without attractive design I won't even want to read further. It is so natural, without even realising, I just click to the next site.

There is no hard and fast rule to this. Even experienced web designer are puzzled by this. Rules can be laid and applied but the site still did not get sufficient attention from surfer or prospective clients.They have to test and tweak, retest and retweak until the desire target could be achieved. Web designing is an art in itself. The bottom line is whether surfer like it or don't and leave for good.

Beside this, the site must be user friendly, that is ease of usage. All the required button are easily found and the whole site well mapped out for easy navigation.

Stripped out all the Adsense, affilate banners and free gift items to bribe the surfer, does he or she leave our site with something that is useful or with empty handed. If there is no value added to him, than it is a sure recipe for him not to come back.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

2 Important Basic Things

Basically the principles of internet marketing or e-business is nothing new to business enterprise. In the traditional business we usually have a business premise. Than come the product, packaging, pricing and promotion. This is what I learnt from Philip Kotler 's marketing textbook.

In e-business we also have the above range of factors but with some additional minor differences. Our business premise or shopfront is our website. This is the entry point of our potential customers.

The 2 important factors among others are traffic and sale (conversion of viewer into purchaser).
If we can master and control these 2 factors , we have made it in internet marketing.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Internet Marketing

Well you have started to love internet marketing. You think you can earn a living just by working from home a few hours a day infront of your computer and say farewell to the 9 to 5 office regime. You key in such word as "e-business" you pull in millions of websites promising of giving you tons of money just buying their USD97 or USD47 money generating package. Just install in the program, waking up every morning and check the flock of purchasers jamming your website to give you sales.

What I have to say is "Welcome!". It is not the rosy picture of easy life that they want you to believe. It is not a place to try your luck. It is a place to have vision, design your plan and workout your objectives to achieve it within a certain time frame. You must treat it as your other business and must do personal budgeting like expenses and income from your internet business. You must have ownership of your new internet enterprise. There are lots of things to learn if computer programming is new to you and business administration not in your mindset yet.

It may sound daunting, anyway please don't be apprehensive. Take it one bite at a time. Break the task into smaller assignments within achievable scope. That way we remain motivated.

Making Money On The Internet

Is making money on the internet your new passion? Come back often. I will write and share new ideas when I am free.